Our Mission
Inspire people into the Habit of Helping others in anyway they can!

Giving starts at home.. we advice you to look around you, no matter wherever you live.. see if you can help anyone with whatever you have, from wherever you are.

What we are trying to do
Helping children in their education
Motivate & help children to attend school
"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand - Chinese Proverb"

This is what we are trying to do.. we observed that a lot of children..
(A) Either have a lot of enthusiasm to learn but are unfortunately not able to continue their study due to their parents economic situations; and/or
(B) Losing interest in their studies.
We support them in their education with school supplies, computers, study workshops conducted on weekends and after-school; convince them on the importance of education; lend advices & mentor them; talk to their parents and make them prepared to face challenges in their life.     More

Helping those who help others
Helping non-profits, organizations & individuals working for a social cause
"God has not called us to see through each other, but to see each other through - Author Unknown"
"Find a need and fill it - Ruth Stafford Peale"

Yes, we keep looking for people who are helping and/or are trying to help others and who may need some HELP!!
By profession i'm a Software Developer and try to help these individuals/organizations to develop, maintain and host their websites; support them in developing and/or maintaining their software; guidance, advice, training and other IT related work.
I believe that if they can save money on their IT operations, they can USE THAT MONEY FOR THE GOOD CAUSE THEIR ARE WORKING.    More

We are hosting websites of the following individuals/organizations

DrumHike   Just One More Day  

Inspired by...

GetSchooled   Waiting For Superman   Free Geek  

Volunteer? We need help!

We need your help, if you can spend time on any of the following:
1. Write code/databases to develop/update websites.
2. Web designing.
3. Provide computer basics training.

Help us in procuring all/any of the following:
1. Used computers, computer components posted on Internet (like on Craigslist) for give-away/free.
2. School supplies.

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one. - Mother Teresa"
A good inspirational book that brought the ideas within us to start this:
Cracking the Millionaire Code One of our all time favorites!

Proud to be Member of
Wisconsin Nonprofits Association

Society for Nonprofit Organizations

Reach us

We're listening.. we'll be glad to hear from you if have any comments or ideas to share with us in helping people in need.

Feel free to contact us at: